Our Signature dishes


Salads & other goodies

  • Charcuterie & Cheese plate 249 kr

    Blissful mix of charcuterie, cheese & olives and other goodies (1 - 2 people)

  • Scampi Pil Pil 159 kr

    Chili & garlic marinated scampi, coriander, lemon, cooked in our oven and served with freshly baked bread

  • Caprese 149 kr

    Tomatos, mozzarella, basil- and olive oil extra virgin served with freshly baked bread

  • Goat cheese 159 kr

    Salad, red onion, cranberries, chevré, pears, salt roasted walnuts and honey dressing

  • Parma 169 kr

    Salad, Parma ham, sunkissed tomatoes, mozzarella, red onions, tamarind-roasted seeds, balsamic vinegar and basil oil


Something sweet after dinner?